Projects Worth Living For

Our projects are a result of joined forces from various fields combined with creativity, precision, and dedication.

Manifesting Genius Through Innovative Strategies

Housing a great amount of international businesses allowed us to generate a high number of projects that speak volumes and transform markets. We break the boarders of comfort zone by tempting the levels of probability. We believe that growth is only a result of well calculated risk. Fueled by the urge for expansion and progress, we create products which are beneficial for developers, clients and business people in general. Here are some of our projects and we are not stopping there.

RTB Platform

Managing a self-coded Real-Time-Bidding Platform which operates with all ad formats for both mobile and desktop users, handling over 5B daily requests globally. Minute after minute, inventory is being bought and sold through auctions, thus allowing both parties (advertisers and publishers) to seamlessly generate revenue.

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Flight Search - OTA

Harboring one of the biggest databases of flights all over the world to help people find, compare, and book economical air fares. The systems we integrate take care of rapid search conduct that automatically serves users with the right and most prominent option for their wished travel dates.

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